Command Search Shortcut

Version 01.13.00
Added 07 Oct 2022 (last updated 23 Oct 2022)

For use with Sibelius 22.x

This plugin lets you choose a command and convert it into a plugin that will run the command.This allows you you to choose a short Menu Name as a shortcut that you can use in Command Search. The Menu Name of a plugin is that name that appears on menus and is used as the search text for a plugin in Command Search. __Save Search Shortcut will be disabled at startup until you choose an entry in the listbox, either by clicking in the listbox or using Find. __Choose a command from the listbox, then add a short, unique, command search shortcut. This will become the text you use to find that command in Command Search. Punctuation and special symbols (%&*@!for example) can make an effective shortcut. __Updated 12 October 2022. Version 01.12.00. Added ability to insert RunPluginEntry_cu command line directly into the Execute Commands Command List. __Updated 23 October 2022. Version 01.13.00. Updated to provide better error handling for NewMacro/Plugin plugins use.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.