Run Command Macro

Version 01.47.02
Added 25 Feb 2021 (last updated 21 Sep 2023)

For use with Sibelius 21.x, Sibelius 22.x and Sibelius 23.x

__Original version 01.06.00 Added 25 February 2021. __Runs the selected command macro, from those exported in the Execute Commands plugin. __Type the shortcut -the first number in a list entry, or select the entry with the mouse, then click Run or type Enter. __Run macro if list box changes runs a macro if you click, arrow, or type in the list box. __The first list box entry is a placeholder to support the Run macro if list box changes option. You will need to select a different entry to run a macro. _Updated 27 February 2021.Version 01.07.00. Bug fix involving Run Macro if List Changes option. Also new option to warn in active score has no selection. __Updated 15 March 2021. Version 01.08.00. __Updated to work with the output of the updated Execute Commands plugin. This plugin now requires that Execute Commands is also installed for it to run. __Updated 27 April 2021. Version 01.10.00. Updated to work with updated Execute Commands. Also shortcuts changed to allow 0-9, a-z, and A-Z as single character shortcuts before reverting to multi-digit numbers. __Updated 01 May 2021. Version 01.20.00. Bug fixes plus added ability to trace commands in macro files. __Updated 07 May 2021. Version 01.22.00. Bug fixes plus added ability to delete Command Macro files. __Updated 11 June 2021. Version 01.23.00. Macros in subfolders or the Execute_Commands folder are new treated as independent sets of commands with their own set of indexes. Update Execute Commands and cmdutils as well. __Updated 25 June 2021. Version 01.24.00. WARNING __Due to hard-to-debug crashes using this plugin, I have reverted it to an earlier version, which removes the ability to delete command macro files, or to treat subfolders as separate macro sets. You may get a warning from Preferences the first time you run this version, but you should ignore the warning, but check that the dialog settings are what you want. __I will attempt to restore the features lost at some point. __Updated 29 June 2021. Version 01.25.00. Removed the option to run a macro when the list box changes. Now to run a macro you need to type a shortcut, or otherwise select a list box entry, and then type Enter. I am still trying to find why some crashes occur, and this feature is my current best guess. __Updated 7 July 2021. Version 01.26.00. Restored the ability to have each subfolder of the Execute_Commands folder be a separate macro group. The Run If List Box Changes and Delete Macro functions are permanently removed. The path for the Execute_Commands folder is now displayed in the dialog to make it easier to find when deleting macro files. __Updated 21 July 2021. Version 01.28.00. __Updated 28 July 2021. Version 01.29.00. Moved Cancel button in dialog to keep it with the Run button. __Updated 05 August 2021. Version 01.40.00. Major restructuring. Laid out dialog differently. Changed the code so that tables built when calling Execute Commands to run macros are built only once per Sibelius session. Also restructured code so an outside plugin can call the code that will run the last macro run by this plugin. New RerunCommandMacro plugins will be available. __Updated 18 August 2021. Version 01.41.00. Fixed failure to trace macro at index 0. __Updated 4 December 2021. Version 01.42.00. Minor dialog layout fix. __Updated 15 September 2022. Version 01.44.00. Fixed some calls into Execute Commands that had changed. __Updated 3 October 2022. Version 01.47.00. Changes made to reflect changes in Execute Commands, which this plugin calls. __You should always install or update all the plugins Execute Commands, cmdutils, and Run Command Macro whenever you install or update any of them. __Updated 8 October 2022. Version 01.47.01. Changed layout of dialog, mostly to make the list box taller. __Updated 21 September 2023. Version 01.47.02. Added line to help about RerunCommandMacro.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.