Execute Commands

Version 01.18.02
Added 25 Feb 2021 (last updated 16 Mar 2021)

For use with Sibelius 21.x

Original version 01.14.00 added 25 February 2021.

From lists of available commands, add commands to a Command List, then choose Execute to run them after the dialog comes down.

You can also Export or Import a list of commands. The exported files will be stored in a subfolder of your default Scores folder called Execute_Commands, and will have the extension .dat. These files can be shared with other users.

You can also generate a new plugin that contains the commands in the Command List using New Plugin.

These actions can be accomplished without directly writing any ManuScript plugin code.

Updated 26 February 2021.Version 01.15.00. Added routines to be called by other plugins: API_AddLineObjectSelection, API_AddSymbolObjectAtSelection, API_AddTextObjectAtSelection, to enable plugins to simulate what the Add Text, Lines and Symbols commands do without bringing up the dialog.

Updated 27 February 2021.Version 01.16.00. Added warning when executing command list if there is no selection in the active score.

Updated 28 February 2021.Version 01.16.01. Some internal code changes to make calling from other plugins easier.

Updated 3 March 2021.Version 01.16.03. More internal code changes to make calling from other plugins easier.

Updated 8 March 2021.Version 01.17.00. Moved the Remove Commands button from the bottom of the list to the top, to reduce the chance of accidental deletion.

Also changed the Command List so that if the same command was put into the list more than once, each duplicate command would be given a suffix starting with a tilde and then a number, which made each command name in the list unique. The suffixes are only used in the Command List. They are stripped out when the commands are exported, executed, or saved as a plugin.

Updated 9 March 2021.Version 01.17.02. Mostly internal fixes to recent changes.

Updated 15 March 2021.Version 01.18.00. Added button to execute the currently selected command only, in addition to being able to execute all the commands in the Command List. Made some improvements to the New Plugin dialog as well.

Changed the way that commands that run plugins work in generated plugins and Command Macro Files. They now use the plugin file name as a Command Id so they will work in any language. The drawback to this is that for generated plugins to run plugin commands, Execute Commands [this plugin] must be installed on the machine where the plugins are run.

If you use the plugin Run Command Macros, you should update it as well, so it will work with the output of this plugin.

Updated 15 March 2021.Version 01.18.02. Bug fix for New Plugin.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.