Stem Direction Sib 6

Version 01.06.00
Added 03 Sep 2020 (last updated 02 Oct 2020)

For use with Sibelius 6

This is code written by Neil Sands to determine stem direction of notes prior to internal stem direction support in Sibelius 7. It cannot be run directly, only called from another plugin.

Plugins should call IsStemDown(noterest) to determine if the note stem is down. This is offered as a separate plugin so all the code involved does not need to be added to other plugins, to allow plugins that need stem direction to be used prior to Sibelius 7.

Thanks to Neil Sands for allowing his code to be used in other plugins.

Updated 01 October 2020. Version 01.06.00. Internal cleanup. No code changes.

Plug-in written by Neil Sands.