Flip Selected Notes

Version 01.11.00
Added 28 Apr 2020 (last updated 17 Aug 2021)

For use with Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x, Sibelius 21.x and Sibelius 22.x

Initial version 01.07.02.

Change stem directions of selected notes or beamed groups of notes, from individually selected notes or groups of beamed notes. It will not flip cross-staff beamed notes or grace notes.

It requires Sibelius 7 or later.

It is especially useful when flipping beamed note groups when some notes are flipped already, and flipping specific notes has no effect. You can select any note in a note group, and the plugin will always flip the entire beam group.

It can also reset the flip state of all selected note, and make selected notes all point up or point down.

Updated 30 April 2020. Version 01.07.03. The zip file includes a copy of Flip Selected Notes called Flip Selected Notes No Dialog, which will run by default without a dialog, with the option set to Flip notes. If you run the dialog with no selection you can still bring up the dialog and changes settings. The plugin installer will install both plugins in the same folder.

Updated 15 May 2020. Version 01.07.04. Fixes crashing bug in the 01.07.03 version that uses the dialog. Everyone who uses this plugin should update it.

Updated 19 April 2021. Enhanced Do Not Show Dialog support.

Updated 3 May 2021. Version 01.09.00. Fixed bug where the top staff would not be processed if there was a system selection.

Updated 06 August 2021. Version 01.10.00. Restructured so it could be called by the RunPluginEntry_cu command in Execute Commands. Redid the dialog to replace radio buttons with a list box, and added a Trace Macro button.

Updated 16 August 2021. Version 01.11.00. Previous change broke plugin when single notes were selected. Now fixed.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.