Replace Articulation Symbols

Version 01.70.00
Added 30 Jan 2015 (last updated 17 Jun 2015)

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x, Sibelius 21.x, Sibelius 22.x, Sibelius 23.x and Sibelius 24.x

Replaces Articulations entered as Symbols from the Articulations row of the Insert Symbols dialog with the corresponding articulation for any such symbols whose position matches that or a note.

It can save a lot of work if you receive a score from another user who does not understand how articulations work in Sibelius, and so entered them all as symbols. It will also replace jazz scoops and falls.

To replace Arpeggio lines with note-attached Arpeggios, use the plugin Replace Arpeggio Lines (category Lines).

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.