Add Turbo Comment

Version 1.22
Added 18 Mar 2014 (last updated 01 Apr 2014)

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5 and Sibelius 8.x

Add Turbo Comment

Update: Adding white and light grey colour options.

For use with Sibelius 6 and higher

This plug-in allows you to add and format comments with more options than the native 'Add Comment' function provides.


  • Ability to change Commenter Name without going into Sibelius preferences.
  • It is easier to type the comment into the provided dialog box vs. typing directly into a comment.
  • Ability to use and customize canned phrases for your comment text, which saves time and offers more consistency.
  • Ability to edit the staff names and bars affected.
  • The comment color is selected before the comment is created, with a choice of standard Post-It note colors and others.
  • Ability to select the font type and font color before the comment is created.
  • Can add a comment even if when they are set to "invisible"
  • Remembers the last 10 free-form comments for easy reuse


  • Place comment above top staff even if commented staff/staves are elsewhere.
  • Append comment color as text within the comment itself. These is useful if you 'export' comments.
  • Highlight commented bar(s) with the same color as the comment itself. Applies only to selected bar(s), even when the selection contains non-contiguous staves.
  • Show Sibelius 'internal bar numbers' associated with the commented bars. Internal bar numbers shown in parenthesis ( ).
  • Minimize the comment size.
  • Suppress the staff name(s) and bar number(s) in the comment
  • Options are saved from the prior session to speed up your work.


It is highly recommended that you assign a keyboard shortcut to this plug-in for ease of use.

Plug-in written by Ed Hirschman.