Run Plugins By Name

Version 01.90.00
Added 11 Aug 2011 (last updated 13 Mar 2018)

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x and Sibelius 18.x

Run Plugins By Name lets you find plugins to run by name in a sorted list.

Recently run plugins are shown at the top of the list, in most-recently run order first, followed by all the other plugins in alphabetical order.

By default you select a name in the list, and click the Run button or type enter to run the plugin. If you want to work more with a mouse, there is an option to run a plugin by simply clicking on a list entry. That does not work for the currently selected entry (the click must change the selection to run), so to run that plugin, type Enter or click Run.

Assign a shortcut to this plugin to have a list of recently run plugins easily available.

Updated 14 December 2011 to give better file name information when there are plugins with the same menu name.

Updated 31 December 2011 for better error recovery when a plugin is renamed or deleted.

Updated 13 October 2-12 adding option to change the maximum number of recent plugins on the list.

Updated 12 August 2014 to allow specifying zero ''recent'' plugins.

Updated 6 October 2014 to speed up the list sort so it starts up faster.

Updated 16 January 2017.The option to run a plugin when the list box was clicked has been disabled for Sib 7.5 and later because the list box appeared to receive a click before a user could click on it. It is still available for Sib 6 and 7.1.3.

Updated 13 February 2017. Added a Find button so you could search the plugin list without needed to know the exact name. I am adding a PDF document to the zip file explaining some intricacies of using the find button.

Updated 15February 2017. Some bug fixes, and rearranged dialog to fit a laptop screen better. Clicking the "Find button default" button now takes effect immediately.

Updated 17 February 2017. Rearranged dialog buttons slightly to make it easier to switch between Find and list mode. Each has advantages based on context.

Updated 9 September 2017 for some minor speed improvements.

Updated 18 October 2017. Cleaned up handling of deleted or renamed plugins showing up in the recent plugin list.

Updated 20 October 2017. Fixed some potential crashing bugs

Updated 19 February 2018. Added additional plugin Run Last Named Plugin, which will run the first plugin in the recent plugin list created by Run Plugins By Name. If you assign as shortcut to it, it is very fast to run a plugin with Run Plugins By Name, and then keep rerunning that plugin without waiting for the dialog to come up.

Updated 13 March 2018. Improved reporting of duplicate plugins.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.