Add Fingering To Notes

Version 01.41.00
Added 20 Aug 2010 (last updated 04 Jan 2016)

For use with Sibelius 6

Adds fingering numbers immediately to the left of noteheads. Type the numbers you want separating numbers with spaces or commas (or both). Numbers will be applied to selected notes in the order in which they were selected. For chords, notes are always processed from low to high pitch.

The fingering avoids accidentals if Magnetic Layout is on in Sibelius 6. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical offsets, and these values are remembered across Sibelius sessions.

Updated 22 August 2010. The original plugin is in the zip file renamed Add Fingering To Notes Sib 5, and it will run on Sib 5 or later. Add Fingering To Notes will now only run on Sib 6 or later, and the interface has changed so you see a keypad with numbers. Move the dialog so you can see the selected notes, then click a number button to add that number in fingering text to the next note in the selection.

Updated 23 August 2010. The Sib 5 plugin now allows you to specify the text style used for fingering. Some styles, like Expression, do not work well because their Magnetic Layout settings keep them out of the staff, so choose carefully. The Sib 6 version adds the ability to enter the fingering number 0.

Updated 12 September 2010. Many changes, including keyboard access to keypad for Mac users, ability to enter new text, including symbols as text. Added PDF document and helper plugin, Symbol As Text.

Updates 13 October, 2010 to fix bug involving clef changes in bar 1 of a score.

Updated 21 January 2011. Add delay loop at start for Mac users to drag Stop window off score, and fixes for custom text sets.

Updated 2 February 2011. Restored missing PDF file and Symbol As Text plugin. Moved Sib 5 plugin to its own entry in database.

Updated 13 April 2011. Minor bugfixes; also removed Load button and added Delete button to Options and rearranged keypad buttons,

Updated 11 May 2011. Added drop down list of text sets to keypad dialog. Note that in Windows, you can only scroll the drop down list using the mouse, not arrow keys, and that using it will reposition the dialog in the center of the screen. So it may or may not be helpful.

Updated 19 May 2011. Bug fixes; also now allow built-in text sets to be redefined and restored to default settings using Delete Custom.

Updated 26 October 2014 to disable in Sib 7+. It ships with Sib 7, so this version should only be used in Sib 6.

Updated 4 January 2016. Fixed bug where drop list on main dialog did not update x and y positions when changing text sets. Restored SymbolAsText plugin to zip file. Fixed version number reported here.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.