Make Layout Uniform

Version 02.64.00
Added 01 Aug 2005 (last updated 24 Jun 2012)

For use with Sibelius 3.x

This is an updated version of the plug-in supplied with Sibelius 3. It has the following improvements over the existing version:

  • clearer user interface for setting breaks on pages correct breaks used
  • faster (screen redraw turned off)
  • ability to unlock formatting
  • much improved handling of multirests in extracted parts (new in v2.20.2).
  • ability to automatically insert system breaks at rehearsal marks (new in v2.60.01)
  • option to ignore pick-up (upbeat) bars (new in v2.60.01)
  • pick-up bars are now defined to be irregular bars that are either the first bar in the score, the first bar in the selection, or are irregular bars that have bar number changes (such as pick-up bars created by Create > Time Signature). This allows the ignoring of pick-ups in the middle of multi-song scores (new in v2.64)
  • A new option to break on special barline (such as double and final barlines) has been added.

For Sibelius 5, use the shipping version of this plugin

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.