Export Selection As Audio

Version 01.37.00
Added 12 Aug 2009 (last updated 20 Jan 2024)

For use with Sibelius 6

__Exports the selected music in the score to an audio file (unlike File - Export Audio, which always exports to the end of the score). It will only export staves that play back through virtual instruments, so it is best if your current playback configuration uses only virtual instruments, and does not use MIDI devices. __The plugin will export only selected notes, regardless of the initial position of the playback line. __The plugin creates a temporary score named TemporaryScoreForExportAudio.sib, in the default Scores folder, which it will reuse if run again. You may freely delete this score after the plugin finishes. __ Updated 24 August 2009. The plugin now deletes the temporary score, so it will no longer be left around. __ Updated 9 September 2009. The duration of the selection now appears in the dialog prior to export. __Updated 14 December 2012. Fixes bug where unselected staves were exported, and fixes crashing bug if plugin is run from a part. Also adds option to omit muted staves (previous versions always omitted them, and omit is the default, but this provides an option so you can match the way Export Audio works). __Updated 5 March 2014. Fixes problems with filenames containing embedded periods. __Updated 30 March 2016. Plugin now starts and stops playback before exporting a score, which should force the sounds to be loaded before exporting. Thanks to Kenneth Gaw for the idea. __Updated 31 March 2016 to improve error reporting. __Updated 14 August 2017. The March 2016 update caused the plugin to export the entire score, not just the selection. This update will only export the selected music. __Updated 6 August 2018.Removed call to TrimBlanks in Sib 6 to avoid crash. __19 January 2024. This has been a shipping plugin since Sibelius 7, so it is removed from the installer. Use the shipping version instead.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.