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To download new plug-ins, click on the name of a category in the list on the right, then click on the name of the plug-in for more details, or click one of the plug-ins in the lists below right.

Some of the plug-ins on this page are included in Sibelius 7. If you haven't yet upgraded to Sibelius 7, order your upgrade now.

The plug-ins available for download on this page are primarily designed for use with Sibelius 7 and older versions back to Sibelius 2. Unless specifically stated, these plug-ins are not compatible with Sibelius 1.4.


Most of the plug-ins available on this site have been provided to us by third parties. Please note that Sibelius did not design or create them, we are not responsible for them, their licensing or their operation, and we do not provide any support in respect of them. As such, these third-party plug-ins are made available on an "as is" basis and Sibelius disclaims any and all liability to you in relation to them. It is your responsibility to determine whether the plug-ins are suitable for your needs and use is at your own risk.

Having problems?

If you encounter any problems with this page, or with using any of the plug-ins provided for download, try asking for help in the chat page in the online support pages.


Top downloads

  1. Make Layout Uniform
  2. Pitch Spectrum
  3. Arrange Voicings
  4. Arrange Brass Voicings
  5. Respell Flats as Sharps
  6. Rhythm Section Assistant
  7. Find Intervals From Keys
  8. Narrow Two Voices
  9. Multirests and Empty Bars
  10. Extract Parts From Folder

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