Minimum Plugin Add Plug Pref

Version 01.07.00
Added 30 Dec 2020 (last updated 30 Dec 2020)

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x and Sibelius 21.x

Original version 01.07.00

This is a template plugin used to show how to call into the plugin Add Plugin Preferences Lib to more easily save plugin dialog preferences to the Preferences database.

This plugin is in the public domain, and is available to be used and modified freely with no need for attribution. It is for use at your own risk, and no support is available.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.