Insert One Symbol for Sibelius 4

Version 01.35.00
Added 11 Aug 2005 (last updated 24 Jun 2012)

For use with Sibelius 4

Insert One Symbol inserts a symbol to a selected location. It is meant to have a shortcut assigned to it, to give Sibelius the ability to effectively assign a shortcut to a symbol.

To determine which symbol will be inserted, you must run Insert One Symbol Show Dialog, which puts up a dialog that lets you select a symbol, its size, and whether it is attached to a system or a staff. Insert One Symbol Show Dialog lets you put several symbols into a list, which is saved across Sibelius sessions. By re-running it and selecting a different symbol, you change the symbol that will be inserted when Insert One Symbol is run.

So, you run Insert One Symbol Show Dialog to choose the symbol, and Insert One Symbol to insert it.

New in version 1.35:

  • The X and Y offsets of staff attached symbols may now be specified.

New in version 1.33:

  • The list of symbols is now sorted in the order they appear in the symbols list, so it should be easier to find a symbol.
  • Fixed some problems with different symbol names in Sibelius 3 and Sibelius 4, as well as adding the ability to differentiate symbols with the same names.

For Sibelius 5 and later, use the plugin Insert One Symbol.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.