Set Play On Pass

Version 01.13.00
Added 06 Oct 2007 (last updated 10 Mar 2021)

For use with Sibelius 5, Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x and Sibelius 21.x

Toggles (default), disables, or enables all 8 passes of Play on Pass for any selected objects. To change the option from Toggle, run the plugin with no selection. It will change *all* selected objects, so it will often be useful to filter just the items you want to change.

Updated January 15, 2008 to add a \"Show dialog\" flag to the dialog so it can be run with the dialog always visible. The flag is on by default so it will always appear the first time the plugin is run.

Updated 31 January 2012 to give options for individual passes.

Updated 21 May 2016 so you can cancel the dialog when run with no selection and the setting changes will still be recorded.

Updated 10 March 2021. Version 01.13.00. Dialog layout changes. Removed progress bar. Do Not Show Dialog will reset at the start of each Sib session.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.