Filter Other

Version 03.22.00
Added 05 Oct 2007 (last updated 31 May 2021)

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x and Sibelius 21.x

Adds filters for symbols, notehead styles, tied notes, time signatures, and grace notes, as well as a filter to text styles (defaulting to Technique).

Updated October 9, 2007. Now filters special barlines as well.

Updated March 19, 2008. Noteheads default to number rather than name.

Updated April 22, 2008. Minor notehead dialog change.

Note: This version of the plugin requires Sibelius 5.2

Updated August 5, 2008 to allow Deselect

Updated September 16, 2008 to filter note pitches and allow results to not appear.

Updated November 5, 2008 to filter colored (non-black) objects.

Updated August 29, 2009 to filter notes in parentheses (bracketed property).

Updated September 9, 2009 to simplify the user interface and add a filter for quartertones. This version will only run in Sibelius 6. For Sib 5, use Filter Other for Sibelius 5.

Updated February 22, 2010 to filter for Expression text Dynamics, (such as bold mf) which is defined at the moment as expression text that contains a font change, as such texts do, typically to Opus Text.

Updated 13 April 2010 to filter for Clefs

Updated 4 September 2010 to filter for notes under tuplets and tuplets and notes under tuplets.

Updated January 10, 2011 to filter for key signature changes. Note this will not filter the original key signature, just changes. It will filter one staff key sigs as well as those for all staves. Key signatures live in the system staff and the individual staves, and both are filtered, so the count will be one more that what you see selected.

Updated 13 March 2011 to add filter for MIDI messages

Updated 26 August 2011 to filter notes with tremolos, including buzz rolls.

Updated 22 December 2013 to fix a bug and to add text styles present in the score to the list of filterable text styles.

Updated 12 May 2015 to clarify that Note Pitches chromatic uses the written pitch, rather than the sounding pitch.

Updated 21 May 2015 to add filtering for Colored Notehead styles and pick up only the notehead styles currently in use in the score when filtering on notehead styles.

Updated 7 February 2016 added filter for Magnetic Layout settings.

Updated 26 April 2016 to allow coloring of individual note objects

Updated 12 November 2016 to work with updated Colored Notehead Styles plugins; it will now also find the color White.

Updated 24 April 2017. Text style list now only shows styles that can be filtered. Trace Object Location now includes pages number.

Updated 13 May 2017. Fixed crashing bug involving hash table.

Updated 19 March 2018. Require Sib 6.2 minimum.

Updated 01 June 2019. Version 03.06.00. Fix processing colored rests when filtering colored objects.

Updated 16 September 2019. Version 03.07.00. Added filters for Notes with Normal Accidentals, Cautionary Accidentals, Bracketed Accidentals, Hidden Accidentals, and (for Sib 7.1.3 and later only) Visible Accidentals.

Updated 16 January 2020. Version 03.09.00. Added filter for Notes with Ties-Into, including filtering for tie styles (solid, dashed, dotted, any). Tied notes can now also be filtered for tie styles.

Updated 22 April 2020. Version 03.10.00. Added filter for Notes with LV Ties, including filtering for tie styles (solid, dashed, dotted, any).

Updated 17 May 2021. Version 03.20.00.

Added 3 "Bars"-class options to match bars with Notes in more than 1 voice, bars with chord symbols, and bars with lyrics. These will return the number of matches, and one objects in each bar will be selected to serves as the filter results.

the plugin has also been restructured internally, and the dialog has been laid out differently.

There is now an option to hide the dialog after the first time in a session, and it supports the plugin Run Plugin Hide dialog, which allows the plugin to run with no dialog at any time, at your own risk, of course. Be sure the dialog settings are appropriate before using this option.

Updated 18 May 2021. Version 03.21.00. Changed results to only trace, not use message box.

Updated 31 May 2021. Version 03.22.00. Added filters for notes on lines and notes on spaces.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.