Find Empty Text Strings

Added 01 Aug 2005 (last updated 19 Nov 2011)

For use with Sibelius 3.x and Sibelius 4

This plug-in finds empty text strings and adds text to them so they can be found and deleted. (The plug-in is unable to delete them itself). It will optionally color the found text.

Once the plug-in runs, you can use Find or filter the new text (which should be unique), and then delete the selected text.

It will work on a selection, but is probably most useful run on an entire score - either have no selection, or select the entire score with Edit > Select > Select All.

For Sibelius 5, use the Delete Empty Text Strings plugin.

This plugin will run in Sibelius 6, but should rarely be needed.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.