Version 01.49.94
Added 27 Apr 2021 (last updated 25 Apr 2024)

For use with Sibelius 2.x, Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7.1, Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius 8.x, Sibelius 18.x, Sibelius 19.x, Sibelius 20.x, Sibelius 21.x, Sibelius 22.x, Sibelius 23.x and Sibelius 24.x

__Added 27 April 2021. Version 01.08.00 __This is a library of plugin routines designed to be called by other plugins. In particular, most of the routines can be executed directly from Execute Commands, or generated macros or generated plugins. __The routines are in the style of Commands - they act on the current selection in the current score, and extend what is possible to do in macros commanded to just using the available Commands and plugins. __Updated 07 May 2021. Version 01.11.00. Bug fixes. Special handling for screen redraw. __Updated 08 May 2021. Version 01.11.00. Remove debug tracing. __Updated 11 June 2021. Version 01.16.00. Major update. Many new commands. See associated documentation for details. __Updated 26 June 2021. Version 01.19.00. New commands for Apply Named Color, Export PDF and others. As before, close and restart Sibelius after updating and before running Execute Commands. __Updated 27 June 2021. Version 01.20.00. Fixed crashing bug in ToggleCase routine. __Updated 10 July 2021. Version 01.21.00. Added additional ExitIf commands. __Updated 22 July 2021. Version 01.23.00. Added AddBarsAtEnd FilterNoteDuration commands and RunPluginEntry_cu. __Updated 23 July 2021. Version 01.24.00. Support for select options in FilterNotesByDuration. __Updated 24 July 2021. Version 01.25.00.Some bug fixing in validation of command names. __Updated 25 July 2021. Version 01.26.00. Updated validation of cmdutils command string to handle trailing linefeeds. __Updated 28 July 2021. Version 01.28.00. Internal code restructuring and cleanup. __Updated 05 August 2021.Version 01.29.00.Internal changes to sync with changes in Execute Commands. __Updated 25 August 2021. Version 01.30.00. Added new commands ExtendSelection_ObjTo_Bar_cu ExtendSelection_ObjTo_Page_cu ExtendSelection_ObjTo_Staff_cu ExtendSelection_ObjTo_System_cu to simulate mouse clicks to select larger areas. __Updated 22 September 2021. Version 01.40.00. Added command SetUserInput_Heading_cu. __Updated 19 March 2022. Version 01.42.00. Added command Select_All_NonPassage_cu. __Updated 21 April 2022. Version 01.43.00. Fixed crashing bug in Add Interval_Full that crashed all Add Interval commands.Also marked it to be runnable from Sib 6.2 on. __Updated 29 April 2022. Version 01.44.00.Fixed crashes in SelectAll routines and removed some debug traces. __Updated 23 May 2022. Version 01.45.00. Made the code completely independent of Sibelius.Execute to allow it to be used in plugins in earlier Sibelius versions. __Updated 2 June 2022. Version 01.46.00. Added Copy_cu, Cut_cu, and Paste_cu for use when Sibelius.Execute is unavailable. __Updated 3 October 2022. Version 01.47.00. Added View Invisible commands for Sibelius 2022.0 or later. __You should always install or update all the plugins Execute Commands, cmdutils, and Run Command Macro whenever you install or update any of them. __You should always install or update all the plugins Execute Commands, cmdutils, and Run Command Macro whenever you install or update any of them. __Updated 23 October 2022. Version 01.48.00. Updated to provide better error handling for NewMacro/Plugin plugins use. __Updated 10 November 2022. Version 01.48.10. Added new commands ExtendSelection_Visible_Down_cu, ExtendSelection_Visible_Up_cu, ExtendSelection_Visible_XHidden_Down_cu, ExtendSelection_Visible_XHidden_Up_cu __Added Updated 28 November 2022. Version 01.48.20. ContactSelection_Visible_Up/Down commands to skip over hidden staves when contracting. __Added Updated 11 January 2023. Version 01.48.30. Corrected typo in one of the Cmdutils Selection command names __Updated 26 June 2023. Version 01.48.33. Added new commands ExportPDF_DateTime_cu(), and ExportPDF_DateTime_cu(), which export a score as PDF and append the current date and time to the filename. __Updated 14 September 2023. Version 01.48.34. Added new commands RunPluginShowDialog_cu(), and reenabled the ViewInvisiblecommands __Updated 24 September 2023. Version 01.49.10. ____ Added a new View category for commands ____ Added these new commands for use in Execute Commands ____ RunPluginShowDialog_cu (strPluginMenuName) ____ HideAllInvisibles_Toggle_cu() ____ HideAllInvisibles_Hide_cu() ____ HideAllInvisibles_Show_cu() ____ HideAllInvisibles_Store_Current_Setting_cu() ____HideAllInvisibles_Restore_Setting_cu() ____ HideAllInvisibles_Current_cu() ____HideAllInvisibles_Full(score, selection, valAction, fTrace) ___ PanoramaOff_cu() ____ PanoramaOn_cu() __Updated 23 January 2024. Version 01.49.30. Fixed bug in ExtendSelection_ObjTo_System_cu. Added Routines RunPluginEntry1Param_cu, AddSelect_Line_Plain_cu __Updated 2 March 2024. Version 01.49.60. Some internal restructuring. Improvements to Mute-Unmute. AddText now includes styleid in its parameter list. __Updated 26 March 2024. Version 01.49.91. New commands for manipulating Score Info fields for use with wildcards: GetDataForWildcard_cu, SetDataForWildcard_cu __Updated 25 April 2024. Version 01.49.94. Added Select_None_cu command to clear the selection.

Plug-in written by Bob Zawalich.