Sound libraries for Sibelius 6

Sibelius 6 supports VST and Audio Units, the state-of-the-art standards for high-quality instrumental sounds. A huge variety of VST and Audio Unit instruments are available from numerous manufacturers, and a selection of top-name libraries, covering a wide variety of musical styles, are available directly from Sibelius.

Choral for Sibelius 6

New for Sibelius 6

Ensemble samples for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, plus high-quality organ sounds.

Virtual Drumline
Virtual Drumline

Pitched and unpitched percussion sounds for marching band music, from Tapspace.


Garritan Personal
Orchestra 4

Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

New version of the best-selling orchestral sound library. Requires Sibelius 6.1 or later.

Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3  

Jazz & Big Band 3

Over 50 jazz and big band instruments, including scream trumpet, from Garritan.

Garritan Concert & Marching Band 2

Concert & Marching Band 2

Wind, brass and percussion sounds for band music from Garritan.