PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite

Developed by Neuratron, PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite is a free music scanning program included with Sibelius. With it, you can easily turn printed sheet music or notation in JPEGs and PDFs into editable scores that you can send to Sibelius for further editing. And with NotateMe now included, you can quickly handwrite scores using a tablet and stylus, or on your laptop with a mouse or trackpad, and then send to Sibelius for finessing.

The software can read printed scores using a scanner, or notation from a PDF, JPEG, bitmap file (Windows), or TIFF or Pict image (Mac). Not just notes, but guitar tab too. From there, you can play back the score, send it to Sibelius for editing, and save it in a variety of other formats, including MusicXML, NIFF, and MIDI.

Do more with PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

PhotoScore Ultimate

Scan and read fully detailed scores with the full version of PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate. Not only can Ultimate recognize virtually all notes and musical markings, including slurs, dynamics, articulation marks, tuplets, lyrics, chord diagrams, and more, it also easily handles complex orchestral arrangements, with up to 64 staves per page.


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