Sibelius v1.4 for Mac

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Improvements and changes

It's important that you read the description of the changes in Sibelius v1.4: to view them, click here.

If you have problems downloading files from this page, please email [email protected]. If you have problems updating Sibelius to v1.4, please contact technical help rather than the webmaster.

SCORE file converter

A SCORE file converter for use with Sibelius v1.4 is available as a separate download.

Updating to version 1.4

Do not update Sibelius when you're in the middle of an urgent piece of work: there shouldn't be any problems updating, but don't tempt fate.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a network site license version of Sibelius, you must not use this updater to upgrade your copies of Sibelius to version 1.4. To upgrade, please contact technical help.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Sibelius version 1.4 has a new license agreement (41K, PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0), which supercedes all previous license agreements in your User Guide and previous Sibelius versions. Updating to version 1.4 indicates acceptance of the new license agreement.

  • Find out exactly which version of Sibelius you are running - check About Sibelius in the Apple menu. Note that the exact version number of your copy of Sibelius (e.g. v1.21b) may not be that shown on the splash screen that appears when you start Sibelius (which in the case of v1.21b would show only v1.21), so check this carefully.
  • Quit any copies of Sibelius which are running.
  • This procedure will update the standard supplied files, including Manuscript Papers, Plug-ins and keyboard shortcuts, so if you have edited any you should back these up. Files you have created yourself under new names will not be affected.
  • Download the correct updater, depending on your current version of Sibelius and language preference, by clicking below:
v1.22 to v1.4
v1.22 to v1.4

  • When the download has completed, an icon will appear on your desktop called, for example, English_from_1.3.hqx. Double-click this icon to decompress it - you will need to have Stuffit Expander 5.0 or later installed. This creates an icon called English from 1.3 to 1.4
  • Double-click English from 1.3 to 1.4
  • Assuming Sibelius is only installed in one location on your computer, you need only click Continue and the update will take place automatically.
  • If there are several copies of Sibelius installed on your Mac, a dialog box appears listing the various copies and asking which you want to update. If you click on each copy in the list, its position on your hard disk is shown at the bottom of the dialog box. Click Select when you have chosen the right one.
  • When the update has completed successfully, run Sibelius to check the version. The startup screen should say 'version 1.4'.
  • If you get the message Installation did not complete successfully then the updater you downloaded is probably not the right version for your version of Sibelius. Check which version of Sibelius you have and download the correct updater. You'll also get this message if Sibelius has already been updated.

Updating Scorch to Scorch 2

If you've installed the Scorch web browser plug-in, you need to update it to the new version (called Scorch 2) so that it can view Sibelius v1.4 scores. Scorch 2 also includes many new features, such as:

  • Click on the music to start playing at any point
  • Playback uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Sibelius (Esc/P/[/])
  • Allows secure printing of online sheet music created with Sibelius Internet Edition or on

Click here to download.

Updating to OMS 2.3.8

You may need to update to OMS 2.3.8, particularly if you are using a G4 with Mac OS 9.0 or are having problems with OMS 2.3.6. The Opcode website appears to have been removed, but you can download the latest version of OMS from other sites including the HitSquad website.