Updating G7 for Mac

Do not update G7 when you're in the middle of an urgent piece of work: there shouldn't be any problems updating, but don't tempt fate.

If you have problems downloading files from this page, please email [email protected]. If you have problems updating G7, please contact technical help rather than the webmaster.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Exit any programs which are running, including G7 (choose File > Quit).
  • Don't uninstall G7 - just leave it as it is.
  • Click here to start downloading the updater (13Mb).
  • Download update.pdf, which contains instructions for installing and using the new version of G7.

A new version of PhotoScore Lite has also been released. It is recommended that all users download this new version, which is available here.

Note that if you have purchased PhotoScore Professional, you should check Neuratron's web site for details of an update to the latest version.

Updating Scorch

You will need the latest version of Scorch to read files created by the new version of G7. Click here to download Scorch.

This page last updated 4 Aug 2004