Download PhotoScore MIDI demo

The PhotoScore MIDI demo lets you try out all of the features of PhotoScore MIDI.

Other PhotoScore products

There are three products in the PhotoScore range: PhotoScore Lite, which comes free with Sibelius; PhotoScore Professional, an advanced version of PhotoScore Lite for scanning printed music into Sibelius; and PhotoScore MIDI.

For details of all PhotoScore products, click here.

Notes for Sibelius users

If you want to use PhotoScore with Sibelius, you should download one of the following files instead:

  • If you are using Sibelius 1.4, you can download the latest version of PhotoScore Lite here.
  • If you are using Sibelius 2 for Windows, the latest version of PhotoScore Lite is included on your Sibelius 2 CD-ROM.
  • If you are using the Sibelius 2 Demo for Windows, you can download a demo of PhotoScore Lite here.

System requirements

Windows: 486 DX or faster PC (Pentium recommended), running Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, 32Mb RAM (64Mb recommended), 20Mb free hard disk space, scanner*.

Mac: G4/G3/iMac/PowerMac running Mac OS 8.0 or higher, 32Mb RAM (64Mb recommended), 20Mb free hard disk space, scanner* (TWAIN-compatible recommended). On Mac OS 8.0 you need to have AppearanceLib installed (available free from Apple). Mac OS X is not currently recommended, as most scanner drivers do not currently support Mac OS X.

*You need to be able to adjust your scanner's resolution and grayscale settings. PhotoScore MIDI works best with 200-400 dpi and 256 grays.


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