Sibelius Starclass

All you need to teach children music

Complete lesson plans and resources to help you teach music at elementary and primary school.

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Sibelius Starclass guides you through 180 exciting, ready-to-use lesson plans which support MENC and QCA standards. Starclass includes full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers, hundreds of music clips and printable pictures, and an audio CD to play in class.

Product highlights

  • Saves you hours of preparation
  • Supports MENC and QCA guidelines
  • Over 180 ready-made lesson plans
  • Ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers
  • 99 track audio CD for playback in class
  • Hundreds of sound-clips and printable pictures

"The teacher does not need to be a musician or to have anything more than a fundamental music knowledge."


Further information

"An essential classroom resource, not least because of its well presented and impressively structured lesson plans"

Times Educational Supplement

Educational levels

Secondary/High School
Instrument lessons