High-quality sound samples, free with Sibelius 6


150+ high-quality built-in sounds

Sibelius 6 comes with Sibelius Sounds Essentials as standard – a collection of over 150 pitched and hundreds of unpitched percussion sounds, covering a wide range of orchestral, rock & pop, jazz and marching band instruments. We’ve selected the sounds from top-name libraries such as Garritan Personal Orchestra, Garritan Jazz & Big Band, Garritan Concert & Marching Band, Tapspace Virtual Drumline and from Digidesign's AIR team – everything you need to start producing high-quality playback, audio files and CDs.

Sibelius Player

Sibelius Sounds Essentials plays back through the new built-in Sibelius Player, which uses technology from Digidesign's AIR team. It can play any number of sounds simultaneously (limited only by your computer), loads them automatically in the background, and has great-sounding built-in effects, including convolution reverb.

Enhanced realism

You can specify exactly how articulations, lines, tremolos and symbols play back – for example, to change the length of and gap after fermatas (pauses), the length and loudness of accents and staccatos, the speed of tremolos, or how fast chords with wiggly arpeggio lines are spread. Hairpins automatically read dynamics to work out how loud or soft they should end up, and sustained notes get continuously louder or softer along the hairpin.

Always chooses the best sounds

Sibelius's unique method for categorising sounds, called SoundWorld™, ensures that Sibelius always chooses the most suitable sound available on any device – with no need to reset them if you switch equipment. And if you want to tell Sibelius which device you prefer for particular sounds, e.g. GPO for strings and Synthogy Ivory for piano, you only need do so once – just “set and forget.”

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Hear the sounds

The list below shows the full range of sounds in the Essentials collection. Some of the instruments are also linked to MP3s so you can click and listen to them.

You can also view and hear excerpts of example scores recorded with Sibelius Sounds Essentials.

Tip: listen to the MP3 samples with good headphones or through a hi-fi. Most computer speakers aren't good enough to give an accurate impression of them.

Example Scores

Hear Essentials in action. Listen to the scores below.

Orchestral 1
Dance of the Tumblers (Excerpt from 'The Snow Maiden') by Rimsky-Korsakov
Orchestral 2
Symphony No.4, IV Finale (Excerpt) by Tchaikovsky
Orchestral 3
Symphony No.9 'New World' (Excerpt) by Dvorak
Nacirema People by Tom Clarke
Urbane Filigree by Michael Eastwood
Choir 1
Early One Morning (Excerpt) - trad. arr. Daniel Spreadbury
Choir 2
Enclos’d in cinders by Thomas Chevis
Piano Solo
Liebesträume by Liszt
Concert Band
Culloden III (Excerpt) by Julie Giroux
Marching Band
Spice Mon - Drumline Cadence by Jim Casella
String Quintet
Clair de Lune from 'Suite bergamasque' by Debussy arr. Glynn Davies
Voice & Ensemble
Scarborough Fair - trad. arr. John Hinchey
Film Score
Mr. Bean (opening theme) by Howard Goodall
Essentials home

Concert Piano Lite (GPO)
Electric Stage Piano
Atmosphere pad
New age pad
Soft B Organ
Hauptwerk All Stops (GPO)
Harpsichord 8' Lite (GPO)
Electric Clavichord
Chimes (VDL)
Crotales (VDL)
Glockenspiel (VDL)
Vibraphone (VDL)
Handbells (GPO)
Marimba (VDL)
Xylo Bright (VDL)
Harp Lite (GPO)
Timpani (VDL)
Timpani (GPO)
Nylon Guitar
Clean Electric Guitar
Delay Electric Guitar
Distorted Electric Guitar
Overdriven Electric Guitar
Flange Electric Guitar
Tremolo Electric Guitar
Lead Charang
Bass Guitar
Slap bass
Upright Bass
Synth Bass
Synth Bass 2
Bass and Lead
Bb Clarinet Solo (GPO)
Bb Clarinet Solo 2 (GPO)
Bass Clarinet Solo (GPO)
Flute Solo Lite (GPO)
Flute Solo 2 Lite (GPO)
Piccolo Lite (GPO)
Recorder (Garritan)
Oboe Solo (GPO)
Oboe Solo 2 (GPO)
English Horn Solo (GPO)

Bassoon Solo (GPO)
Bassoon Solo 2(GPO)
Contrabassoon Solo (GPO)
Alto Sax (JABB)
Tenor Sax (JABB)
Bari Sax (JABB)
Trumpet Solo (GPO)
Trumpet Solo 2 (GPO)
Jazz Trumpet (JABB)
Trumpet Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Tenor Trombone Solo (GPO)
Jazz Trombone (JABB)
Trombone Ensemble Lite (CMB)
French horn (GPO)
French horn 2 (GPO)
Mellophone Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Tuba Solo (GPO)
Baritone Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Euphonium Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Sousaphone Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Tuba Ensemble Lite (CMB)
Brass Section
Synth Brass
Synth Brass 2
Polysynth Pad
Sopranos Ahs Lite (Choral)
Treble Ahs Lite (Choral)
Altos Ahs Lite (Choral)
Baritone Ahs Lite (Choral)
Tenors Ahs Lite (Choral)
Basses Ahs Lite (Choral)
Synth Voice
Halo pad
Violin Solo Lite (GPO)
Violin Solo 2 Lite (GPO)
Violin Ensemble Lite (GPO)
Viola Solo Lite (GPO)
Viola Solo 2 Lite (GPO)
Viola Ensemble Lite (GPO)

Cello Solo Lite (GPO)
Cello Solo 2 Lite (GPO)
Cello Ensemble Lite (GPO)
Double Bass Solo Lite (GPO)
Double Bass Solo 2 Lite (GPO)
Double Bass Ensemble Lite (GPO)
Full String Ensemble Lite (GPO)
Metallic shimmer
Warm pad
Bowed pad
Sweep Pad
Rain synth
Soundtrack synth

Drum Kits

General MIDI Drum set (VDL)
Brush Drum Kit Lite (JABB)
Marching Snares AutoRL (VDL)
Marching Snares Manual (VDL)
Marching Tenor Drums AutoRL (VDL)
Marching Tenor Drums Manual (VDL)
Marching Bass Drums AutoRL (VDL)
Marching Bass Drums Manual (VDL)
Marching Cymbals (VDL)
Concert Percussion (VDL)
Djembe ensemble (Garritan)
Ewe drum ensemble (Garritan)
Taiko Drums (Garritan)
GPO Basic Orchestral Percussion (GPO)
909 Drive Kit
909 Clean Kit
808 Clean Kit
808 Drive Kit
Club Kit
Fusion Kit
Goa Kit
Latin Percussion Lite

System requirements

Please refer to Sibelius 6 system requirements for more information.