All your questions about Sibelius for Windows/Mac answered

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How can I buy it?

Click here for ordering information.

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How is Sibelius for Windows/Mac better than Sibelius 7?

Click here for details of all the extra features.

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How fast is it?

Sibelius runs quickly on both Mac and Windows, but does require a fast processor. Computer requirements are available here. We do not recommend you try to use Sibelius for Windows on an Acorn PC card as it will not be fast enough.

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Why can't it be released for Acorn?

Because the new Sibelius program is written in the cross-platform language C++, we were planning to release it for Acorn, Windows and Mac. The Acorn version required Acorn's new C++ compiler, which was due for release in 1998.

Unfortunately, without advance warning Acorn decided in September 1998 to close down its department responsible for new computer developments including the C++ compiler, and Acorn has since closed down. Without this compiler it was impossible for us to make the new program work on Acorns.

However, the Windows and Mac versions will automatically convert your Acorn Sibelius files so you can transfer them across easily.

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How is Acorn software and hardware supported?

We have recently appointed The Data Store as our new UK distributor and technical help centre for Acorn products. The Data Store is a well-established Acorn dealer, and is the place we recommend for buying Acorn hardware and software. The Data Store is also now our technical help centre for the Acorn Sibelius programs. For enquiries contact:

The Data Store
13 Irene Road

Tel: 01689 873295
Fax: 01689 821452
Email: [email protected]

We have also set up an email mailing-list, [email protected], for Acorn users to discuss Sibelius. To subscribe, just email [email protected] with the text subscribe acorn in the body of the message.

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Which is better, Mac or PC?

There is not a great deal to choose between PCs and Macs. The main considerations are:

  • Price and speed: you can buy a cheap PC for somewhat less than a Mac, but reasonably good PCs and Macs (e.g. iMacs) are similar prices and speeds.
  • User-friendliness: Macs are more user-friendly than PCs.
  • Popularity: PCs are much more widely used than Macs, though Macs are predominant in publishing and graphic design, and the iMac has proved extremely popular. More software and peripherals are available for PCs, though most major software is also available for Mac.
  • Sibelius: there is no difference between the PC and Mac versions of Sibelius, which have virtually the same features and are 100% compatible.

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Can I use my Acorn equipment with a PC or Mac?

If you want to use your existing Acorn monitor, printer, MIDI equipment and/or scanner with a PC, they are almost certainly compatible. You can also buy a switch box to share these peripherals between your Acorn and a PC. You can do the same with a Mac, but peripherals (especially printers) are less likely to be Mac compatible, so check first.

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Can I transfer my existing Sibelius files across?


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What technical help is provided on Sibelius for Mac/Windows?

All UK/USA/Canada purchasers of Sibelius for Mac/Windows will receive 90 days free technical help by phone, fax, email, website or post. After the 90 days, free help continues to be available by email fax, post and from our website, and you can pay for extended technical help by phone. Technical support in other countries depends on the country.

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How can I find out more?

The main new features provided by Sibelius for Mac/Windows are detailed here, and you can download a free demo version here. But if you need more information about Sibelius for Mac/Windows, please contact us.

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Where can I see it?

You can download a non-saving demo version here.

In the UK, you can also see Sibelius for Mac/Windows at one of our regular public demos around the country. For details of when demonstrations are being held, click here - or freephone 0800 458 3111 for demo details and free tickets.

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This page last updated 12 June 2009 (updated address for The Data Store).


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