What Finale users say about Sibelius

"I was one of those [Finale users] who, with all the assurance born of ignorance, used to bash Sibelius without having given it a fair trial... After using Sibelius for several weeks now and having adjusted to its differences, I simply cannot imagine ever going back to Finale."

John Melby
(emeritus professor of
composition/theory, University of Illinois)


"I consider the two months I spent trying to learn Finale as among the most frustrating in my whole life. Sibelius is written for people like me, who think like musicians, not like geeks."

Mary Lycan
Treble Clef Music Press


"I used Finale regularly until Sibelius came out. Within an hour of installing it, I knew I would never want to use Finale again. Jobs that used to take a day in Finale can be done in a couple of hours in Sibelius"

Richard Hubbard
arranger and lecturer


"I switched [from Finale to Sibelius] and will never go back. I used Finale for years and most of my writing has been in Finale, but I had no trouble switching.

As soon as I finish converting all of my Finale stuff, I'm going to take Finale off my computer altogether"

Joe Thrower
choir director


"I used Finale for nearly ten years, but after one look at Sibelius I switched over and haven't regretted it since.

Illinois State purchased Sibelius for all of our music computer labs. Our students (to whom we taught Finale last year) are amazed by its power and ease of use"

Stephen Taylor
music professor, Illinois State University


"I am a long-time Finale user who is learning Sibelius... which looks to be the freedom from a notational tyranny that has enslaved me for many years now"

Scott Foglesong
San Francisco Conservatory of Music


"I have been using Sibelius for only two weeks, and I am already convinced that it is far better than Finale"

Michael Gurt
piano professor, Louisiana State University


“I always struggled with Finale - never felt entirely at ease with it - but considered it to be the best engraving software out there. A fellow music editor convinced me to give Sibelius a try and I've been a "convert" ever since.

I’d like to add that I never miss a chance to tell other musicians how well Sibelius performs and how easy it is to use. I don't believe any software is truly "intuitive," but Sibelius lives up to its hype and its good press. Thank you for an awesome tool!”

Mark Carlstein
pianist and composer


"My husband is a former Finale user and is constantly praising your program out loud, telling me about the numerous steps he would have had to do in Finale that he can now do with 'just one click' in Sibelius.

I've asked him if he's noticed anything that the program won't do for him, and he keeps shaking his head and saying, 'No, they have thought of everything!'"

Kathryn Struzik


"Great program... I'm studying composition in college, and am recommending it to all of my classmates and professors. I'm hoping to switch the entire school over from Finale."

Levi Corcoran
music student


"No other scorewriter can hold a torch to Sibelius; it is unconditionally, peerlessly, and undoubtedly the best there is... I can rant and rave ad infinitum about its amazing features"

John McKean
music student


"I just tried the new update enabling Sibelius to convert Finale files. It works! Thank you, thank you! I've got to go now, because I have dozens of Finale scores I want to convert and see in Sibelius for the first time. Goodbye Finale!"

Tom Price
composer, arranger and conductor


"Yes, I have switched [from Finale] to Sibelius. I did feel like cheating on an old friend for some time, but it was an OLD friend...

The first thing that strikes the Finale-oriented user is the lack of commands. They are not there because you do not need them. Things like layout are done by [Sibelius]... It actually allows one to work on music rather than typesetting... creating a score is plain simply FUN"

Isin Metin


"Regardless of your status as a beginner or a pro, Sibelius is the way to go"

Buster Williams
composer and jazz musician

All of these quotes are from unsolicited correspondence. The people quoted have no connection with Sibelius Software.