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Document Setup groupIf you’ve been using Finale® for many years, you may have become accustomed to its Speedy Entry note input method. Sibelius has introduced a new step-time note input method to help users of other notation software to work comfortably in Sibelius, allowing them to continue using many of the same familiar keystrokes for note entry.

Using our step-time note input method, you can freely experiment on your MIDI keyboard without inputting—a note or chord is only input into your score when you both play it on your keyboard and specify a rhythmic duration.

Compatible with others

Sibelius 7 now includes high-quality MusicXML export using a built-in export engine that delivers superior results to existing third-party plug-ins, at no extra cost.

There’s no reason not to start your next project in Sibelius—you can easily share files with friends and colleagues using Finale, or any of hundreds of other music programs, via MusicXML.

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You may have heard that Sibelius doesn’t offer the same fine control as Finale. In fact, the world’s most demanding music publishers rely on Sibelius to produce beautiful engraved scores.

You may have heard that Finale is the tool of choice in Hollywood and on Broadway. In fact, film/TV and musical theater professionals rely on Sibelius to produce legible output quickly and efficiently for their time-sensitive projects.

You may have heard that Finale is best for education. In fact, educators all over the world make use of Sibelius’s 1,700-plus built-in teaching resources, and its unique classroom management features. What’s more, students get four years of free Sibelius upgrades to help them stay up to date during their studies.

In short, you may have heard a lot of things about Sibelius. But isn’t it time you found out the truth for yourself?

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Nearly 2,000 Finale users switched to Sibelius last year alone—they can’t all be wrong. Try the 30-day trial version of Sibelius 7, and discover the joy of working with notation software that’s designed for musicians, by musicians. For little more than the price of your annual Finale upgrade, you can switch to the most modern, easy-to-learn, and sophisticated notation software available, without compromising the control and quality output you depend upon. You really can have it all.

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