Play, perform, and share

In addition to creating and editing, Sibelius makes it easy to play back your scores with stunning realism. The massive included sound library gives you immediate access to a wide range of professional-quality instruments. If you want even more great sounds, Sibelius supports VST and AU plug-ins, giving you access to third-party sample libraries. You can also sync Sibelius with other popular audio software—such as Pro Tools—via ReWire.

Play, Perform, and Share

VST and Audio Units

VST (on Windows and Mac) and Audio Units (on Mac only) are state-of-the-art standards for high-quality instrumental sounds. A huge variety of VST and Audio Unit instruments are available from numerous manufacturers—and Sibelius can play back your score using any of them. The possibilities are unlimited—you can use world-famous sounds such as the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Vienna Symphonic Library, Synful Orchestra, and many others. Sibelius works with Kontakt Player and Kontakt-format sounds as well.

You can also use a wide variety of effects to enhance your sound (such as advanced reverb, EQ, and filters, which you can chain and mix together). Combine a variety of different VST or Audio Unit instruments and effects simultaneously to customize your sound.

Integrated playback

Sibelius delivers high-quality, integrated playback—just hit the space bar and Sibelius will play your score back to you. Our patented SoundWorld system automatically chooses the best available sounds to make your score sound as realistic as possible.

It’s easy to fine-tune your playback using the Mixer, which features high-quality effects including convolution reverb and chorus on each staff, plus up to six faders for other effects (EQ, distortion, timbre, etc.). All fader positions and settings are saved in the score, so you won’t have to adjust them next time you open it.

ReWire—only in Sibelius

ReWire is a standard that lets you record audio from Sibelius on a digital audio workstation (DAW), such as Pro Tools. It also synchronizes Sibelius with your DAW so they can play back at the same time—starting playback in one program initiates it simultaneously in the other. Read more


rewireReWire opens up all kinds of possibilities for using Sibelius with other audio software. For example, you could add an acoustic solo instrument line to your Sibelius playback by recording your score into your DAW, or by making Sibelius and your DAW play back simultaneously.

ReWire is so widely used that you can connect Sibelius 6 to almost any audio program—not just Pro Tools, but also Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Cakewalk, Reaper, GarageBand, and more. And again, no other notation program can do this.


Conduct your scores

It’s time to take to the podium! Live Tempo lets you conduct the playback of your score to produce a nuanced, musical performance. Simply tap a key on your computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or foot pedal, and Sibelius follows your beat. Read more


conductorLive Tempo lets you “conduct” the playback of your score to produce a nuanced, musical performance.

Simply tap a key on your computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or foot pedal, and Sibelius follows your beat. Every detail of your interpretation is recorded, so you can play it back again later, or produce an audio or MIDI file of your performance.

And just like a real conductor, change your beating patterns at any point, and Sibelius will follow you: subdivide beats for a


Espressivo and Rubato

Espressivo and Rubato are unique features that add elegant expression as Sibelius plays. Espressivo makes subtle adjustments to the dynamics to produce musical phrasing, and Rubato varies the tempo, just like a human performer.

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