Native 64-bit support—only in Sibelius

Unleash the full power of your computer–only in Sibelius

Sibelius 7 is the ideal choice for musicians looking to unleash the full potential of their 64-bit computers. Sibelius is the world’s first fully native 64-bit notation software, so it’s ready for the most demanding applications that today and tomorrow can throw at it.


Music without limits

Only 64-bit applications can directly address more than 4 GB RAM, required for today’s professional sample libraries. With full VST and Audio Unit compatibility, you can load as many samples as your computer can handle, and Sibelius won’t miss a beat.


Multi-core capability–only in Sibelius

The improved audio engine in Sibelius 7 automatically balances multiple virtual instruments and effects across the available cores of your multi-core CPU, efficiently using your computer’s resources.


64-bit ReWire–only in SibeliusReWire–only in Sibelius

ReWire normally requires both the master and the slave to be 32-bit applications, because the underlying technology is not yet available for 64-bit systems. But Sibelius 7 can run as a 64-bit application and communicate with a 32-bit ReWire master, thanks to its unique inter-process communication approach.


32-bit compatible

Don’t worry if you’re still running a 32-bit operating system or your current hardware isn’t 64-bit capable. Sibelius 7 still fully supports your 32-bit computer, and you can choose to run Sibelius 7 in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit system if needed for compatibility purposes (e.g. if your favorite virtual instrument is only available in a 32-bit version).

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