Expanded graphics import and export


Picture perfectPicture perfect

It’s so easy to import graphics into Sibelius, it’s as simple as drag and drop. You can import any image in any standard format (including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG)—just drag it in.

Once you’ve imported your picture, adjust its color, brightness, contrast, and opacity. Rotate it to any angle, scale it to any size, crop it, or flip it along either axis.


SVG support

Sibelius 7 natively supports Scalable Vector Graphics. SVGs are high-quality vector graphics that look perfect when scaled to any size. Use professional drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator or free alternatives like Inkscape to draw any shape you can imagine and bring it into Sibelius. Then print it out at any size, perfectly reproduced.


External links

If there’s a particular graphic you need to use in many scores, such as a logo, you can now import a graphic and link it to an external file. If the external file is subsequently modified, the imported graphic in Sibelius is automatically updated. If you send your score to somebody who doesn't have the separate graphic file, don’t worry—Sibelius embeds the graphic in the score for good measure, so your score will look correct when opened on another system.


Use graphics as symbolsUse graphics as symbols

One of the most powerful additions to Sibelius 7 is the ability to use any graphic as a symbol. Import a graphic in any supported format and combine it with any existing symbol, or create a new one. The only limitation is your imagination.


One-click PDF export

Sibelius 7 can directly export publisher-quality PDFs—no separate PDF printer driver is required. Simply point and click to choose between exporting the full score only, the full score plus all the instrumental parts in a single consolidated file, the parts only in a consolidated file, or all of the parts as separate PDF files.

Sibelius 7 also includes improved EPS export, with enhanced TIFF previews and wider font embedding support, plus all-new SVG export, and PDF export of individual systems or pages of music.

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