“The most fantastic program upgrade I have ever seen.”

What people are saying about Sibelius 6

Famous users include...

David Arnold

“Sibelius is essential. Without it we just couldn't create orchestral scores for films like Quantum of Solace.”

David Arnold, composer
on James Bond films


Michael Tilson Thomas“I have found Sibelius a powerful and effective tool”

Michael Tilson Thomas
conductor & composer


Julian Joseph“I rely on Sibelius”

Julian Joseph,
jazz pianist & composer


Leonard Slatkin“I receive scores from composers all over the world and the ones created in Sibelius have the most professional look possible”

Leonard Slatkin, conductor


Steve Reich“I genuinely enjoy working with Sibelius. It's a superb notation program and composing tool”

Steve Reich


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“The Jewel in the Crown of Sibelius 6 is the miracle gift that is Magnetic Layout. This will save me a massive amount of score preparation time, like it will for every other working composer. If anyone needed convincing of Sibelius' place at the top of all music notation trees, this is the final coup de grace.

“I'll never have to shift around those dynamics to make way for a leger line viola phrase, never have to juggle hairpins again, never need to spend time justifying scores with lyrics and performance instructions. Oh the very thought of it. Thank you, Sibelius, for this innovation”

Howard Goodall, 2009 Composer Of The Year, Classical BRIT Awards

“Sibelius 6 is a godsend. It saves at least 50% of my editing time, which on larger scores is a lot!”

Steve Reading, copyist, arranger

“Worth every penny. If you have a previous version, you’d be crazy not to upgrade, the benefits are huge this time.”

Andrew Gilbert, Keyboard Magazine

“Sibelius is one of those applications that always seems to do everything you need. Except that, after a new version is released, you always end up with a variety of new features that you now simply couldn’t imagine living without!”

Mark Wherry, Sound on Sound Magazine

"Undoubtedly the best notation software we've used to date... This is an impressive update with a raft of new features and improvements that put Sibelius 6 ahead of the field"

Music Tech Magazine

“I'm hopelessly attracted to Magnetic Layout. The time savings alone – approximately half – are astounding. Stunning good looks and a brain – what more do you need?!”

Sue Sinclair, copyist and orchestrator for Howard Shore, composer of The Lord of the Rings on stage

“I am in Sibelius heaven here! It is not an understatement to say that this is – by far – the most fantastic program upgrade I have ever seen.”

Philip Thomas, professional
engraver for OUP, New York, NY

“The chord symbol advances alone are just plain smashingly brilliant. Extraordinary! It makes me proud to be a Sibelius user.”

David Blumberg, composer, arranger (David Blumberg is one of the arrangers on American Idol)

“I remember the day I made the change from Finale: [Virtual Drumline developer] Jim Casella gave me a 10 minute demo in which I was able to learn things that took me 6 years to figure out in Finale. I am most excited about Versions: being in a field (band and percussion) where we are constantly tweaking scores throughout a season, being able to reference what changes were made will be great.”

Bryan Harmsen, marching band
composer/arranger, Louisville, KY

“I am PUMPED about the new features, especially Versions and ReWire support. Every new feature is an excellent, and very often totally innovative, idea!”

Stephen Barr, Composer and Assistant Professor,
Slippery Rock University

“With Sibelius 6 comes features only dreamed of in the not so distant past. Magnetic Layout alone will save hours. We've used Sibelius exclusively for years and have never looked back”

Ron Vermillion, Universal Studios Music Library

“Sibelius 6's new slurs are a perfect example of the elegance and ingeniousness of this program. They are easy to use, allow virtually any type of shape, automatically detect whether they should be above or below the notes, and take into consideration all of the various types of articulations, with the ability to customize the settings. These types of improvements really streamline our workflow and make our jobs easier.”

Bill Holab, engraver

“The new features in Sibelius 6 are so incredibly useful, I've already converted and there is no going back to version 5 for me.”

Dave Budde, guitarist, Seattle, WA

“With the addition of ReWire to Sibelius 6, I can now sync up to audio tracks and MIDI data with my projects, all while working in my favorite DAW. The possibilities are mind-bending!”

Eric Heukeshoven, composer and music
technologist, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

“Having to write vocal scores quickly is an everyday part of running our school. Magnetic Layout has made a huge difference – I can now get a great-looking score and parts almost instantly.”

Paul Mellors, musical director and educator

“The new audio engine (A.I.R.) and Rewire capabilities in Sibelius 6 allow me to combine my classical music with my electronic music in a organic and logical way, whether in the studio or in live performance. There is no other notation software that comes close.”

Ricardo Romaneiro
Composer (Esquire Magazine’s Best and Brightest 2007)

“The guitar fretboard window and guitar scale diagrams will appeal to guitarists everywhere. ReWire opens up the doors for DAW-centric users to add industry-leading notation to their host of choice, leveraging the strengths of both approaches. But the clear win is Magnetic Layout.

“No matter who you are, whether you write a lead sheet or a symphony, Magnetic Layout will make your music look beautiful without any fuss. It just does it.  Why didn't someone think of Magnetic Layout before now? It took Sibelius years to bring you Sibelius 6. It will take you only minutes to wonder how you ever lived without it.”

Marc Schonbrun, composer,
guitarist and music educator

Magnetic Layout is a revelation, saving hours on large score preparation. With great new chord symbol input, new jazz articulations, better sound samples too. How do you improve on this?”

Peter Tappern, arranger

“I love the way Sibelius 6 works with chord symbols: It allows me to write my charts with very precise chord extensions quickly. Since I started handing out music created on Sibelius 6 I haven't received ANY comments about the meaning of a specific chord symbol, and musicians effortlessly interpret what I want to hear, which to me is the best compliment I can get. Sibelius 6 helps me express myself exactly as I want to.”

Alexis Cuadrado, jazz bassist,
composer and educator

Magnetic Layout will really ease some of the purely mechanical layout work you've always had to do with a notation program. Magnetic Layout saved me several days' work on my last project, where I was expected to supply a full score and parts to a 45-minute feature for a youth symphony orchestra. This really gets you closer to automatically supplying great-looking parts.”

Jussi Lampela, educator and composer

“The ability to compare in full detail the differences between versions of a score is a major time saver.”

David Pickett, Music Editor,
Gustav Mahler Complete Edition

“The Versions feature has completely changed how I work both as a composer and music educator. As a composer, I can make archived versions at important turning points in the creative process, annotated with my thoughts at the time. This is very useful to return to if I need to redevelop a section of the work later.

“As a composition teacher, all of my students both in the International Baccalaureate and Higher School Certificate are required to keep a composition diary of the process. Many of them fall behind or forget what their process was: Sibelius 6 doesn't just remind them, it allows them to embed each version and their learning reflections right into the score, and will even summarise changes over a series of versions for them. This is truly ground-breaking.”

James Humberstone, composer and educator

“Sibelius consistently raises the bar in music notation.  It takes a truly sophisticated program to be this simple to use and this powerful and detailed at the same time.”

Jeremy Borum, film composer, orchestrator

“I often work with singers, directors and choreographers who need to go through multiple revisions of a scene or a song, often settling on not the latest version but the one from two weeks ago. Now I can easily save those versions and recall them. In today's music market, I'm always looking for an edge to get my projects done on time and on budget, but without sacrificing quality.  Sibelius 6 is a tremendous advance in all of these areas”

John Hinchey, composer and arranger

“Sibelius 6, a composer's best friend: fastest results, cleanest scores, brightest sounds. Is it really only ten years since I was a slave to pencil, paper, ink and rubber?”

Ralph Middenway, composer

"For the music educator, the benefits associated with the new version tracking, commenting and classroom controls cannot be understated. Being able to tack comments into the score for students to read and revise is a godsend."

Chad Criswell, MusicEdMagic.com