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These pages refer solely to the upgrade from Sibelius 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x to Sibelius 5. Please refer to the FAQ relating to the more recent upgrade to
Sibelius 6

What's New in Sibelius 5

Don’t get left behind - upgrade to the most exciting new version yet.

Sibelius 5 represents the latest advance in the world’s favorite music software. We’ve listened to what Sibelius users have been asking for, and have spent many months adding fantastic enhancements for writing music, the latest technologies such as VST & Audio Units, and completely new features, such as the Ideas Hub.

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Whether you use Sibelius for writing music, teaching or just for fun, don’t be afraid of getting up-to-date. Sibelius 5 is better and easier than ever, and once you’ve tried it you’ll be glad you made the change!

Ideas hub
Ideas Hub

Ideas are precious. That's why Sibelius 5 gives you the Ideas Hub - the easy way to capture, tag, find and bring together your musical ideas. With Ideas Hub, you'll never let another flash of inspiration slip by again.

As well as your own ideas, Ideas Hub comes preloaded with over 2000 ready-made ideas. They cover all styles of music and help provide useful inspiration for your compositions.
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Stunning new built-in sounds

Sibelius Sounds Essentials
Sibelius 5 comes with Sibelius Sounds Essentials as standard – a 2GB collection of sounds selected from top-name libraries such as Garritan Personal Orchestra, Garritan Jazz & Big Band, Garritan Concert & Marching Band, and Tapspace Virtual Drumline.
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Audio Units & VSTVST & Audio Units support

A huge variety of VST and Audio Unit instruments are available from numerous manufacturers – and now Sibelius 5 can play back using any of them! So you can hear your scores played back by the world’s most advanced sound libraries.
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Panorama is a new, clearer way of viewing music in Sibelius. Instead of being chopped up into systems and pages, the music is shown in a single, infinitely-wide strip – far easier to read and navigate around. So now you can just think about the notes, and forget about page layout until you’re ready to print.
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Instrument changesEasy cues & instrument changes

Creating cues in parts is now the work of a moment. Just copy the music you want to appear in the cue, and choose Paste As Cue. Sibelius 5 does the rest for you. And changing instruments on a score is now equally simple. Read more »

Complete layout control

Bar numbers
Sibelius 5 also offers users complete and easy layout control, covering bar and page numbering, blank pages, sheet music margins and more – making it easier than ever to produce beautiful scores.
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Power tools & undoable plug-ins

Reprise fontIncredible new hand written-style fonts, chord symbols, note names, functional analysis, early music and avant garde symbols, new plug-ins with undo… Sibelius 5 has it all.
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Universal Binary

Universal BinaryAs usual, Sibelius 5 supports the very latest technologies. It’s now a Universal Binary application, so it runs at top speed on Intel-based Macs. You can use it on the new Leopard operating system (Mac OS X 10.5), and it also has improved tab, mouse and scroll wheel support.

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What the press are saying

“The options available are staggering, but the simplicity at your fingertips is amazing.”

American Songwriter magazine

EM 2008 Editors Choice“A notation powerhouse... Professionals call Sibelius 5 ‘the perfect notation program,’ and we’d be hard-pressed to find fault with that statement.”

Electronic Musician magazine

Computer Music awards“Sibelius 5 is a
first-class piece of software... an outstanding program

Overall rating: 10/10

Computer Music Magazine

“These fantastic new features make Sibelius 5 well worth the investment for composers, teachers and musicians alike.”

Muso Magazine

Best Buy"[Sibelius 5's] improved playback quality means there's little reason to
consider using anything else."

Computer Shopper magazine

“An essential upgrade packed with innovation and improvement.”

Hugh John, The Guardian

“Sibelius 5 is simply staggering in its capabilities. It will do almost anything you can think of. If you’re serious about musical notation, this is the package to choose.”

9 ratingOverall rating: 4.5/5

PC Advisor Magazine

"Sibelius 5 has raised the stakes...
The audio engine and playback Music Tech Choiceenhancements are well worth the upgrade price alone"

Overall rating: 9/10

Music Tech magazine

What's new

Summary of what's new in Sibelius 5
Ideas Hub
Capture, use and re-use snippets
A new, clearer way of viewing music
Stunning new sounds & playback
150+ high-quality built-in sounds
VST & Audio Units
Mix and match from different libraries
Easy cues & instrument changes
Instrumental parts made even easier
Complete layout control
Flexible page layout and numbering
Power tools & undoable plug-ins
New fonts and plug-ins
More new features
Over forty other improvements
Upgrade FAQ
Questions about the upgrade
What's new for Education

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