Welcome, now, to Sibelius 6

These pages refer solely to the upgrade from Sibelius 1.x, 2.x and 3.x to Sibelius 4. All the improvements and many more are incorporated in the more recent upgrade to Sibelius 6.

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Sibelius 4 boxSibelius 4 represents a dramatic advance in music software. Never before has working with instrumental parts, scores, teaching materials and even video been so quick and easy.

And if you still have Sibelius 1 or 2, don't be afraid of getting up-to-date. Sibelius 4 is easier than ever, and will save you so much time that you'll be glad you made the change!

What users say

“Overwhelming. Speechless. Awesome. This is just incredible”

Ryk Groetchen
composer & teacher


“Sibelius version 1 was great until I tried Sibelius 4 - now there's no going back”

Daryl Griffith
composer & arranger


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What's new?

  • Dynamic Parts™ always match the score
  • 1700 ready-made worksheets & resources
  • Write music to video
  • Copy-and-paste to Word
  • SibeliusEducation.com
  • Optical™ beams & ties
  • Helsinki™ & other music fonts
  • 11 new plug-ins
  • On-screen tutorials & reference
  • ...and much more

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Why upgrade?

  • Fantastic new features (tour)
  • Saves you more time
  • Exciting educational uses
  • Enhanced professional productivity
  • Ultra-cool look & feel
  • Even more intuitive
  • Excellent documentation
  • Better results than ever before

Other software

Buy with your upgrade:

Sibelius SoundsSibelius Sounds

- create high-quality playback, CDs and audio files with Sibelius.

PhotoScore ProPhotoScore Professional 4

- scan text, slurs, full scores, etc.

Sibelius Educational Suite

- essential music teaching tools for all levels