Sibelius SequenceXtra

Have you ever wished you could add interactive music to your multimedia applications? Well, now you can!

Sibelius SequenceXtra is a unique software component that allows designers, developers and authors to add MIDI sound capabilities to web pages and multimedia applications. It delivers all the power of a fully-featured MIDI sequencer.

Sibelius SequenceXtra is delivered as an Xtra for the Macromedia Director development platform. Using SequenceXtra and the rich multimedia features of Director, you can quickly develop musical software ranging from simple games and demos up to impressive and well-specified sequencers and editors.

New in version 2.0 is a flexible notation viewer. MIDI songs loaded into your application can now be displayed in standard musical notation. The viewer is fully integrated with SequenceXtra: changes made to the MIDI data in the Xtra are immediately visible in the score view, and the view scrolls during playback.

The Xtra is used by publishers, multimedia developers, universities and research groups worldwide to deliver:

  • multimedia music applications for teaching, learning and recreation
  • interactive web applications
  • innovative research projects.

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