Scorch is the free software which lets you view, play, customize and print Sibelius scores on the Internet.

  • Scorch makes scores interactive
  • Top print quality
  • Scores download in moments

Scorch toolbar

  1. Turn pages
  2. Changes which device you use for playback.
  3. Playback controls and tempo slider.* Click play button to play from the start, or click on the score to play from that point or stop.
  4. Change top instrument or key*
  5. Save*
  6. Page Setup*
  7. Print*
  8. Scorch information and updates

Use Page Up/Page Down and the up/down arrow keys to scroll up and down the score.

To play music in the background while you work, just set Scorch playing, then minimize the window!

*Not available for all scores. Some scores may only play an excerpt.

(To find out what version of Scorch you are using, Control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) on the Scorch window, then click About Scorch.

System requirements

Windows: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, SeaMonkey, 20MB hard disk space.

Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.7, Safari 6 (32-bit or 64-bit); Mozilla Firefox 18 or later (32-bit or 64-bit); Google Chrome, 20MB hard disk space. not compatible with Safari 5 on Mac OS X 10.6 or Mac OS X 10.7)

For full compatiblity information, see this article.

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