Music Notation Software

Sibelius 7.5Sibelius 7.5

The complete software for writing, playing, printing and publishing music notation.

Sibelius First boxSibelius First

Create and share scores quickly with easy-to-use music notation software.

Music Scanning & Audio Transcription Software

PhotoScore UltimatePhotoScore Ultimate 7

Scan music into Sibelius, then transpose and arrange it.

PhotoScore UltimateAudioScore Ultimate 7

Transcribe MP3s and CD tracks, and transform your playing or singing into scores.

Music Education

Auralia boxAuralia 4

Brush up your ear skills!

Musition boxMusition 4

The fun way to learn music theory.

Digital Sheet Music Software

Avid Scorch for iPad

Get ScorchPractice, perform, and purchase sheet music on your iPad mobile device.

Scorch Web Browser Plug-in

Get ScorchView, play, customize, and print Sibelius scores on the Internet.