composing a 68-minute score, then allowing millions to view and play it over the Internet?

The Way UpThe Pat Metheny Group's
The Way Up
and Sibelius

In order to have the Pat Metheny Group rehearse and perform the continuous 68-minute album release: The Way Up in full, Co-Writers Metheny and Lyle Mays, with editing by bassist and fellow producer Steve Rodby, created the score with Sibelius 3 software. Pat realized that through the Sibelius Scorch plug-in, fellow musicians and fans could view and listen to the MIDI playback over the web.

Pat Metheny

Photo by Jimmy Katz, courtesy of the
Pat Metheny Group

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Metheny score in Scorch

We used Sibelius to make parts for the band throughout the recording. We found out about Scorch and it seemed like a natural choice to offer the Scorched version of the score on our website.”

Pat Metheny