Sibelius 5.2.5 now available

The latest version of Sibelius is Sibelius 5.2.5. If you have an earlier version of Sibelius, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Below are the new features added in Sibelius 5.1.

New features in Sibelius 5.1

Input maps

  • Use all the extra buttons, faders and rotary controls on your M-Audio keyboard to control the Playback window and the Mixer in Sibelius
  • Simply choose the appropriate input map on the Input Devices page of Preferences

Playback improvements

  • Choose a default playback configuration to speed up start-up
  • Sort and rename devices in Playback Devices
  • Better playback of rolls and other unpitched percussion effects
  • Improved pitch bend and glissando playback in Kontakt Player 2
  • Support for loading and saving VST presets
  • Use any MIDI device without a sound set by setting up a Manual Sound Set, including program and bank numbers to use for each channel, and the ability to change a staff’s channel in the Mixer

Mixer improvements

  • Display program names instead of sound IDs: simply set Display to Program names on the Playback page of Preferences
  • New “test” button to audition chosen sound
  • New pan slider for virtual instrument outputs (for e.g. VSL Vienna Instruments)
  • Change a staff’s MIDI channel directly via the Mixer when that device uses a manual sound set

MusicXML support

  • Now supports MusicXML 2.0
  • Imports compressed (.mxl) files
  • Better layout support (e.g. system layout, object positioning, blank pages, multirests)
  • Better instrument detection
  • Imports unpitched percussion, nested tuplets, page-attached text, notehead shapes, hidden objects, chord diagrams, tab staves that use capos, and more
  • Bugs relating to incorrect bar lengths fixed

Mac OS X support

  • Spotlight support now included: find Sibelius files by any text contained within them
  • Quick Look support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard now included: look inside Sibelius scores directly via the Finder without opening them

Plus many bugs fixed

For full details of the fixes in Sibelius 5.1, see

Sound Set Editor

A public beta of the Sound Set Editor application is now available. Click here »

Extra plug-ins for Sibelius 5

More than 30 new plug-ins for Sibelius 5 are now available for download. Click here »