619: 'The serial number is invalid' appears when you enter your serial number



When installing a new copy of Sibelius 6.1, you may find that after Sibelius prompts you to enter your serial number, it immediately shows an error message The serial number is invalid.


This problem is caused by a security feature in Sibelius's copy protection system, designed to disallow certain ranges of serial numbers known to be used by pirated copies of the software. Unfortunately this security feature disallows some legitimate serial numbers for Sibelius 6.1.

Recommended solution

Download and install Sibelius 6.2, which is a free update that resolves this issue along with many other improvements to Sibelius 6.

You can download Sibelius 6.2 from here: Sibelius 6.2 download

Other solution

If you prefer not to upgrade at this time, we have provided a small update for Sibelius 6.1 which you can download and install to fix this problem.


  • Ensure that Sibelius 6.1 is installed, and that it is not running
  • Download Sibelius610SerialNumberUpdate.exe (800K)
  • Run the downloaded installer and follow the simple on-screen instructions to install the patch



  • Ensure that Sibelius 6.1 is installed, and that it is not running
  • Download Sibelius610SerialNumberUpdate.dmg (2.5MB)
  • When the download is complete, the disk image should be mounted automatically and the installer should run. If the installer does not run, go to your Downloads folder, double-click the Sibelius610SerialNumberUpdate.dmg disk image; its window will appear. Double-click the Sibelius 6.1 Serial Number Validation Update icon to start the updater
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the patch

Licence Server

  • It is important that you upgrade the License Server to version 6.2. You will find the update here.

Once you have run the appropriate patch, run Sibelius and you will be prompted for your serial number again: enter it and you will be able to continue as normal.


07 Jun 2010

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