Sibelius USA, Inc. Newsletter February 2005

Hello and welcome to the February/March issue of Gracenotes - our email newsletter to Sibelius enthusiasts in North, Central and South America.

March is Music in Our Schools Month, and that means the MENC World's Largest Concert is rapidly approaching. It also means millions of students and teachers will be using Sibelius Scorch to download and play the sheet music for the concert over the Internet - saving time and untold numbers of trees. While on the subject of student concerts, we're taking a look at an innovative high school choir director in California who has incorporated Sibelius assignments into the practice routines for his singers.

The highly respected San Francisco Jazz Festival is putting Sibelius 3 to work on its upcoming Spring Season, which features the efforts of Artistic Director Joshua Redman and world renowned arranger Gil Goldstein who are hard at work rehearsing the staggeringly talented in-residence ensemble: The SFJAZZ Collective.

As always, we're grateful for your input, and encourage you to email us at, if you'd like to share your thoughts about past, present or future editions of Gracenotes.

Mark Ruch, Sibelius Gracenotes Editor

In this issue

Sibelius in the Classroom

  • MENC's 2005 World's Largest Concert - March 10, 2005 at 1 p.m EST.
    Don't Miss It!
  • Woodbridge High - Sibelius Improves Performances of Choral Students

Featured Sibelius Users

  • SFJAZZ Kicks Off its Spring Season with Sibelius Power Users Gil Goldstein and Joshua Redman

What's New at Sibelius?

  • Sibelius 3 is Now Available in French and Spanish Language Versions
  • Past Issues of Gracenotes - Sign-up and Archive

Technical Tips for Sibelius Users

  • Writing for the Saxophone Section In Sibelius Using Arrange, by David O'Rourke
  • Hints & Tips for Sibelius & G7 Users

Upcoming Trainings, Shows and Events


Sibelius in the Classroom

MENC's 2005 World's Largest Concert March 10, 2005 at 1:00 p.m EST. Don't Miss It!

March is Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM®) and the World’s Largest Concert has been the highlight of MIOSM since 1985, the same year the celebration was extended to last the entire month. As a sing-along concert that links students around the world through music, the World's Largest Concert now reaches an estimated six million students, teachers, and music supporters each year. Through the support of PBS stations, educational networks, and the American Forces Television and Radio Network, the program is broadcast across the United States and abroad on the second Thursday in March at 1 p.m. EST.

MUSIC - the heart of education (MENC)


How does one provide sheet music to six million participants? Scorch files, that's how! Through an arrangement with Sibelius, MENC is using the web-hosting services of and Sibelius Scorch technology to provide not only the vocal and piano music, but also the orchestral arrangements that will be performed during the broadcast. This allows for increased participation by band and orchestra directors, and opportunities for greater school and community involvement.

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Never seen a Scorch file?

Here's an example from the World's Largest Concert web page. This is just an image of a partial Scorch file; the real thing looks clearer and plays the MIDI sounds on your computer. If you've got Sibelius, you can save your scores as Scorch files and share them over the Internet - just in case you don't know that already…

Scorch file


To download the real Scorch file(s) and learn how to participate in the World's Largest Concert, please visit:

Learn more about Music In Our Schools Month by visiting:

Want to learn more about Scorch?
Please click here.

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Woodbridge High - Sibelius Improves Performances of Choral Students

Woodbridge High School in Irvine, CA has discovered the benefits of Sibelius notation software since the installation of a 35-seat site license used by various music programs within the school, including AP Theory.

Since the students began using Sibelius, the impact on the choral programs has been significant. “Sibelius has become invaluable to the students in a number of areas of learning,” states Ron Soderwall, Director of Choirs, Woodbridge High School. “The choir uses Sibelius to learn how to read music while producing scales, melodies and harmonic underpinnings in a directed study program. Once each week, one section of the choir is pulled out of rehearsal and sent over to the library computers. The direct connection between seeing the notes and hearing the notes as they are entered, all the time following a directed methodology, makes music learning a fun process even for the non-musician.”

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Featured Sibelius Users

SFJAZZ Kicks Off its Spring Season with Sibelius and Sibelius Power Users Gil Goldstein and Joshua Redman

Now in its 22nd year as a non-profit organization, SFJAZZ, presenter of the renowned San Francisco Jazz Festival, is dedicated to the growth of jazz and jazz audiences at the highest level, with concert performers ranging from acknowledged masters to the newest and most promising talents on the international, national, and San Francisco Bay Area scenes.

SFJAZZ brings this same dedication to its wide-ranging education programming so that people of all ages can better understand the history and artistry of this great American art form. Sibelius USA shares that dedication, and has provided a Sibelius 3 software site license in further support of what the Chicago Tribune has called “the leading jazz institution on the West Coast.”

Noted musicians, arrangers and avid Sibelius users Joshua Redman and Gil Goldstein play an active role in SFJAZZ. Goldstein, who has been using Sibelius for more than five years and was instrumental in Redman’s introduction to the notation software program, was the arranger last year when SFJAZZ launched its resident band, the SFJAZZ Collective. Sibelius software will play an integral part in the Collective’s month-long residency as the musicians work on new compositions, as well as classic John Coltrane compositions prior to their live performances. “Sibelius has changed the way I conceive and generate arrangements,” states Goldstein. “It has become as comfortable as pencil and paper with ten times the flexibility.”


Gil Goldstein

SFJAZZ Collective Arranger
Gil Goldstein

Joshua Redman

SFJAZZ Artistic Director
Joshua Redman




To continue reading this article, please click here.
Learn more about SFJAZZ and the upcoming San Francisco Jazz Festival Spring Season:

What's New at Sibelius?

Sibelius 3 Now Available in French and Spanish Language Versions

Sibelius 3 is now available in functionally identical French- and Spanish-language editions. The new versions of the award-winning composition and arranging software, which contains more than 170 new features and more than 60 plug-ins, are currently available.

“Sibelius 3 has experienced phenomenal acceptance as the notation software of choice throughout the music world,” states Jeremy Silver, CEO of Sibelius Software, Ltd. “Because so many talented people operate in languages other than English, it only makes sense to offer this software in a version that speaks their language. Now there are even fewer barriers to pure creativity.”

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

To purchase the French or Spanish language versions, please contact an authorized Sibelius dealer, or click here.

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Technical Tips for Sibelius Users

Writing for the Saxophone Section in Sibelius, using the Arrange Feature

Jazz arranger David O'Rourke has contributed this document, which describes how to create great jazz voicings using the Arrange feature and the new Jazz Arrange styles in Sibelius 3. You will also need the Arrange Voicings plug-in by Bob Zawalich. Please click here and to select the "Arrange" folder.

To download Writing for Saxophone using Jazz Arrange styles in Sibelius, please click here (PDF, 1.35MB).

Visit David O'Rourke's website at:

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Hints & Tips for Sibelius Users

A reminder to anyone who has not accessed Sibelius Hints & Tips, there are currently six PDFs available that have become very popular:

  • Creating Worksheets, Handouts & Tests
  • Formatting & Layout
  • Scanning with PhotoScore
  • Adding Text and Markings
  • Getting Started with Sibelius 3
  • Basic Shortcuts

To download any of the Hints & Tips documents above, please click here.

Hints & Tips for G7 Users

If you haven't seen the existing G7 Hints & Tips, these references give some quick tips for getting started with G7:

  • Inputting Notes
  • Getting Started
  • Basic Shortcuts

G7 Hints & Tips can be found here.

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Upcoming Training Sessions

Are you interested in learning more about Sibelius 3? We will be offering full-day training sessions in many locations around the U.S. over the next several months. We offer two types of sessions: Sibelius – Beginning, and Sibelius - Intermediate/Advanced.

Training Schedule

Date Time Location Training session


Fri: 6-9pm
Sat: 8:30-3:30pm
The Mike Klinger Music Technology Retreat

Sibelius for the beginner

For more info, please visit:

3/12/05 9am–4pm

Villanova University

Villanova, PA

Sibelius – Beginning
3/26/05 10am - 5pm

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, NY

Sibelius – Beginning
4/9/05 9am-3pm VanderCook College
Chicago, IL
Sibelius - Beginning
4/23/05 9am-3pm VanderCook College
Chicago, IL
Sibelius - Advanced
4/23/05 9am-4pm MTSU
Murfreesboro, TN
Sibelius - Beginning

For more information about Sibelius Trainings, or to reserve your space, please click here.


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Upcoming shows and events

Start End Event & Website City, State Booth
3/3 3/6 MENC - Eastern Division
Baltimore, MD Sibelius
3/17 3/19 California Music Educators
Pasadena, CA JW Pepper
3/28 4/1 MusiCalifornia
San Diego, CA Tempo
4/21 4/23 Pennsylvania Music Educators
Hershey, PA Brook Mays

For a list of more events, please click here.


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