Sibelius Sound Set Editor

You can download the Sound Set Editor application from this page.

Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

If you are using Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, please ensure you are running Mac OS X 10.5.1 or later before you download and install the Sound Set Editor.

Step 1: Download the Adobe AIR runtime

The Sibelius Sound Set Editor now uses Adobe's AIR technology.

Download and install the Adobe AIR runtime here »

Step 2: Download the Sibelius Sound Set Editor

Click below to download the Sibelius Sound Set Editor. The same file is required for Windows and Mac.

Download sse.air (1.4M) »

Step 3: Install the Sibelius Sound Set Editor

  • If necessary, double-click the archive to extract the sse.air file.
  • Double-click the sse.air file to start the installation
  • This application is not currently signed, so you will be warned about the publisher of the application not being verified; click Install
  • You are prompted to choose an installation location and whether you want a shortcut on your desktop; adjust these settings as you like, then click Continue.
  • You are told that installation has completed; click Finish.
  • If you chose to run the Sound Set Editor immediately after installing it, it will now launch.


The following templates are available to help get you started with creating your soundsets. Download one of these and use File > Open in the Sound Set Editor. If you complete a sound set, please email it back to us so that other people can also use it.

NOTE: These templates include all the program names and program numbers for the device.
If the device has a General MIDI bank we have filled in the sound IDs but other than that the sound IDs need to be added to the Programs tab of the sound set in the Sound Set Editor. Before putting in the sound ID for each pitched instrument, you will need to change the Type from Drum map to Sound.

In the Drum maps tab the drum kit patches are listed but you will need to define the Name, Sound ID and Pitch for each sound in each drum kit. We have filled in one pitch as an example although it may not be exactly correct and is purely to show the type of information which needs entering.

How to use

Choose Help > User Guide from within the Sound Set Editor to read its documentation.


We are unable to offer detailed technical support on creating your own sound sets, but if you encounter problems, feel free to post a message on the Sibelius chat page to ask for help.


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