Garritan Personal Orchestra Sibelius Edition update for Mac

Windows users do not need this update.

Due to a minor problem with the installer on your GPO Sibelius Edition DVD-ROM, some files required for using some of the GPO sound sets are not correctly installed. This update fixes the problem:

  • First, quit Sibelius, if it is running.
  • Install GPO Sibelius Edition from your DVD-ROM, if you've not already done so - follow the instructions on page 6 of your GPO Sibelius Edition User Guide.
  • Download GPOSibeliusEditionUpdate.dmg (7.5MB).
  • Most web browsers automatically mount disk images when they have finished downloading; if you do not see a white disk drive icon called Sibelius GPO Update on your Desktop, double-click the downloaded GPOSibeliusEditionUpdate.dmg disk image to mount it.
  • Inside the mounted volume, double-click Sibelius GPO Update.pkg.
  • A pretty picture appears; click Continue.
  • You are asked to select the destination drive for the update; choose the disk on which you have already installed GPO Sibelius Edition, and click Continue.
  • Click Install.
  • A progress bar will appear as the software is installed. If it appears to take a while to locate the software to update, do not click Skip, as this will cause the update to be installed incorrectly.
  • You will then be told that the update has been successfully installed; click Close.

Download the update here.


If you encounter any problems with this update, please contact technical help, via the contact details given on page 7 of your GPO Sibelius Edition User Guide.

This page last updated 21 Dec 2005.