'Mac pkg and app versioning errors'

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Mac pkg and app versioning errors - sram, 10 Jan 11:45AM

Mac pkg and app versioning errors
Posted by sram - 10 Jan 11:45AM (edited 10 Jan 11:48AM)

Since version 8 was released, the version information contained in the pkg distribution file has remained at version "8.0.0". This means that when the "Install Sibelius" package is imported into various Mac software distribution tools, it thinks that the package is already installed, as the check is made on this version number. I've had to manually fix the distribution file in every revision of Sibelius since v8 first came out. I should have raised this on the forum earlier, but I thought it would have been caught. I did tweet Avid support about the issue but it doesn't appear to have got back to the team responsible for creating the Sibelius for Mac installer.

From the distribution:

From the Sibelius.pkg PkgInfo file:

Last of all, the versioning of the app itself seems to be non-standard. For example, 8.7.2 is actually 8.7.2x1234 - This does not conform to standard versioning nomenclature and causes all sorts of issues when trying to do a comparison check to see if the installed version is newer, older or the same as the version that is trying to be installed.

Would apprecaite it if these two things could be sorted for the next release. It would make the work of Mac admins installing Sibelius in schools and universities around the world a hell of a lot easier.

Thank you

Seems I can't paste in anything with brackets. Attaching screenshots of the files instead:

Attachments Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.46.41.png (52K), Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.46.21.png (53K)

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Mac pkg and app versioning errors - sram, 10 Jan 11:45AM